Explore the Adventure of EastAfrican Mountains with us.

Mountain climbing Itineries


12 Days: Rwenzori Margherita Peak, 5109 m - highest point of Uganda

The Mountains of the moon in Uganda with their unique flora await you. The attraction of this circular trek on Rwenzori is not limited to an exotic summit experience!


8 Days: Kilimanjaro Marangu Route building block

The Marangu Route is considered to be the easiest route on Kilimanjaro, but that doesn't mean it will be a walk. The tour is a demanding mountain trek. The levels of difficulty of the various routes are just nuances.


6 Days: Tanzania - Mount Meru building block

The ascent of Mount Meru with its 4,565 m height is a varied trek to the fifth highest mountain in Africa. The vegetation zones are similar to those on Kilimanjaro.


13 Days: Kenya, Tanzania - Safari, Mountains and Zanzibar

Recommended for children aged 8 and over. Early in the morning, the sun is just rising. We are on the first stalk, listening to the unfamiliar noises from the bush. Monkeys scream, buffaloes trample past us snorting and the birds chirp.


14 Days: Kenya - lonely mountain trails and equatorial safari adventure

Kirinyaga means shining or White Mountain in the language of the locals. The name Kenya is derived from this melodic word. Excitingly, the country is named after this elegant, rugged, second-highest mountain range in Africa, not the other way around.

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15 Days: Kenya, Tanzania - Maasailand, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibareak, 5109 m - highest point of Uganda

Our gaze wanders into the vastness of the savannah past zebras to the gentle Chyulu Hills. In the distance we can make out the much sung about Kilimanjaro. The Maasai teach us that


15Days: Rwanda, Uganda - On the trail of the gentle giants

Rwanda inspires with landscapes of sensational beauty, it is clean, nowhere is rubbish lying around. It is hilly and lush green, and corn, bananas and rice thrive in the fields. The country is densely populated, the people are open and friendly, the demons of the past have been defeated.


16 Days: Tanzania - Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit

The sun rises behind the highest mountain range in Africa and makes Kilimanjaro shine. Below us a sea of clouds, as if we could walk across it. We stand at Little Meru and until we reach the summit in the distance, exciting days of trekking lie ahead of us.


17 Days: Central Circuit Trekking trip through the Ruwenzori Mountains with summit option at Margherita Peak, safari, gorilla option and ascent of Sabinyo

In the heart of East Africa are the highest, non-volcanic mountains on the continent with the sonorous name Rwenzori. In the language of the Bakonjo, ...


19 Days: Kilembe Route Trekking trip through the Ruwenzori Mountains with summit option at Margherita Peak, safari, gorilla option and ascent of Sabinyo

We begin our journey in the territory of the last mountain gorillas on our planet. In the triangle between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic, we climb the extinct Sabinyo volcano